Any treatment that involves high temperatures in a closed room, with or without steam is implied is called Spa. To be more precise it is necessary to distinguish between Finnish Spa which is dry and the Turkish bath which is damp instead. The dry Spa involves the use of an electric stove, on which lava stones are placed. When heated, stones radiate a heat that can even reach 90 degrees. The Finnish Spa is in an all-wood environment, with benches at various heights to feel more or less heat (of course, the higher the bench, the more heat will be felt).

The Turkish bath, on the other hand is the wet one with the vapors which is traditionally made in a hammam, the marble environment that in the Arab tradition united men and women separately for treatments. The Turkish bath is obtained with fillers that radiate steam into the environment reaching a humidity of almost 90% with lower temperatures than the Finnish Spa. However, both treatments have different benefits. Here we list top 5 :

1. The Spa makes you lose weight

One of the reasons that attracts more men and women to the Spa is because it makes you lose weight. Contrary to what one might think, however, weight loss does not occur through sweating but through an increase in heart rate. The heart beating faster helps the body burn more calories. On average a Spa helps burn about 300 calories, the equivalent of an hour of walking.

2. Purifies the organism

Another important benefit of Turkish bath and dry Spa is to purify the body. The sweat that is produced during a Spa (dry or wet) helps to eliminate toxins from the body, also improving immune functions. Sweating eliminates heavy metals and is better defended against infections. Just to have a touchstone: with fifteen minutes of Spa the same amount of heavy metal particles that the kidneys eliminate in 24 hours are eliminated.

3. Dispose of lactic acid and relax your muscles

Another advantage of the Spa is that it relaxes the muscles better than just a warm bath or shower. After a workout, for example, the Spa is very suitable since it helps to alleviate the muscle cells microlenses and to dispose of lactic acid first by the sweating and dilation of blood vessels. In hammams, for example in addition to vapors, additional treatments are offered such as massages in addition to body cleansing. Massages after a Turkish bath are thus much more effective because the body is already relaxed and prepared.

4. Eliminate stress and insomnia

The benefits of the Australia spa online are not only physical, but also psychological. Sweating and relaxation not only eliminate toxins and contractures, but also anxiety. Stress levels decrease, thanks also to the slow times imposed by treatment. You start to sleep better and are positively affected even during the day. Those who suffer from insomnia can finally begin to notice changes, sleep better and more. The feeling of chronic fatigue disappears.

5. Cleans the skin

Even the epidermis benefits from the Spa, because it comes out deeply clean. The heat dilates the pores more than normal, allowing the elimination of dead cells, toxins and everything that “dirty” the surface of the body. It comes out with a more elastic and hydrated skin, which better resists smog, atmospheric agents such as cold and heat and infections. In addition, a Spa improves the situation for those suffering from acne, pimples or has blackheads. The cleansing of the face and body is easier and deeper, such as the face. Also for this reason, the Turkish bath is often accompanied by body cleansing treatments such as scrubs and baths.


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