Best FREE Photo Editing Software 2018 (Top 5) for Windows PC, Mac & Linux


Nowadays in this varying tech world, as we all know that how fast technical development is going on, so with the development of such AI technologies makes a deep vision through different technologies. Now we all have heard about the photo editors, so we do get a lot of them available for all i.e. Windows, Mac & Linux and in both modes of paid and free. so to find the best free photo editor is the best preference for all, except the pro users. So here you gonna find the top 5 best free photo editing software of 2018 that you can use as per your choice as well as compatibility. These editors are capable of editing the photo in such a dignified way that the normal photos can be also enhanced to amaze the vision until the reach.

Top 5 Best FREE Photo Editing Software (2018) for Windows PC, Mac & Linux

1. Photoscape – Easy to Use Free Photo Editing Software

Best FREE Photo Editing Software 2018 (Top 5) for Windows PC, Mac & Linux

You got tons of equivalent kinds of stuff here which apparently seems like the contemporary element to our society when expressing the side of our AI & color studios like program enabling the way for capturing memories in an enhanced or deep way. Which enables us with the variety of options available to enhance the experience i.e. filters, effects, and tools to enhance the vision of captured memory.

You can do a lot of fun stuff like creating animated gifs, collages and has pretty much-backed options available for working with multiple images at the same node. to check most of the tools by enabling photo scape mode which can be easily operable along with the tutorial. Including all the other programs you guys gonna find on this page this program also you can check for all the tools in that upper right while editing your photos. And the tutorial is also provided to solve out the newcomer’s problem for hunting up different tools matching perfectly. But, as we all do know, is that we got here a variety of taste around here so some are capable and also satisfied with the free features or tools available here. But they do have the option for pro version that enables us with some rare features cost up to 40$. Specs needed are:

Photoscape 3.7 will enable you the feature for operating it by a link on your older operating system.

While working on OS like Windows 10 or a Mac you need to install Photoscape x.

2. Krita

Best FREE Photo Editing Software 2018 (Top 5) for Windows PC, Mac & Linux

First of all this product was being introduced for digital painting and animation purposes. And same as the previous program on the official site of this one also has the tutorials to clear the queries regarding different tools and their respective consequences. It’s available for Windows, Mac & Linux. You can choose up to your compatibility, it crafts a huge learning curve than any others listed.

So now about the uses, there are a lot of features available for the image editing process i.e. brushes, masking tools, filters & effects etc. Now when checking out the navigation of this program we’ll find that most of the tools one needed to work with are along with the left part. And by the right part, you gonna find the advanced color selector along with the feature of adding new layers quickly. And at last, the two things to be noticed about is with the help of tab key of your keyboard have some extra and advanced functions i.e. enlarging the images, can hide sidebars, increasing the space you got there to work with. And the second thing is that these all features are available worth nothing means free.

3. Pixlr – The Best Free Server Based Photo Editing Software

Best FREE Photo Editing Software 2018 (Top 5) for Windows PC, Mac & Linux

First of all, I’d like to recommend this Pixlr editor and most of all the use of a feature or tool named as Pixlr express when in need of quickly editing the photos over on Pixlr editor. It is way simpler to use like the Photoshop express. Apparently, it basically offers server-based software that runs easily through the web browser without any need to install up to the program on your device.
About Pixlr editor the arrangement for tools is provided along the left part with the option for extra tools already provided in the menu bar and you also have the option of adding more layers on the right part. When in use of the advanced tool at the disposal it’s best to go with the Pixlr editor.
Now when we check out on Pixlr express it’s very easy to use. And the arrangements are like editing basic options i.e. crop, resize, color & red eye etc. It also has some cooler options like effects, overlays, borders & stickers etc.
At last, it’s totally your preference when working with a server-based program either to choose Pixlr editor or the Pixlr express because both are excellent choices without downloading any kind of software.


Best FREE Photo Editing Software 2018 (Top 5) for Windows PC, Mac & Linux

We are familiar with Microsoft Paint, as we used it many time in our life, is the best alternative we suggest. It has been created many years ago.

It is not as much feature rich as GIMP or Photoshop we used but even though it holds some solid features such as the set of some advanced tools including filters, effects, and the layer which provide our image a whole fresh look.

Some additional Plugins are also available for adjustments, new effects, and file types. Those plugins are created by community. is only available on Windows platform. It supports on Windows 7 or further version of Windows. Its available for free cost but there is an option to donate the developer if you want. If you want to purchase then it is available on the Windows store.

5. GIMP – Free Photoshop Alternative

Best FREE Photo Editing Software 2018 (Top 5) for Windows PC, Mac & Linux

If you want one of the great photo editing tools then you don’t search anymore, GIMP is the correct choice for you. GIMP is released in 1996 as open source software with rich in the feature as given by some paid software.

If you look at the software you will find layers and brushes option the right, as we as in the left side there is a huge icon or list of tools, and if you think any tool left in left or right side you will find that in the menu bar. For beginners, there is single window mode, and for professional there are multiple floating windows. These setting you can find in the bottom of the drop-down menu of windows.

If you are new to use GIMP then you will find several tutorials on their official site as well as you can youtube, where some excellent tutorials are available. GIMP supports all leading platforms including Windows, Mac, and Linux.

If you know some other good photo editing tools which are not on our list, let us know that in the comment.


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