Appscope: A New Way To Use Apps On Your Smartphone


Nowadays for any work, we have an App. We are just addicted to using apps, without it, it seems that our mobile has no use for it. Moreover, installing such Apps Uses too much of storage as well. We need them updated too, which leads to using a tremendous amount of network data.

Appscope comes with a concept called Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). That works on our browser, and we don’t need to install anything, and we feel an almost same experience that we get from our installed Apps, and its impossible to know that we are using an app or Website.


Take a look on Appscope. It is a combined directory of PWAs which are grouped into categories, and it’s designed to match an app store replete with short descriptions, screenshots, and a few technical information for its listings.

Just go to in your phone browser, browse the different apps which are currently available, and open them from description pages.

There you will find Top apps like uber, google maps, twitter, Instagram, etc. They created different types of category of apps like Social, Travel, Games, Tools, News, Education, Reference, Photo & Video, Bussiness, Entertainment, Music, Food & Drink, Lifestyle, etc. You will find some day to day apps that we are using from it. If you like PWA, then you can add a shortcut icon of it on your mobile and further use it, directly clicking on the image.

Why Appscope?

  • Storage on the device not required, if you are low on storage.
  • If you are using an older model.
  • Don’t need to keep them updated regularly for using it.
  • No loss of mobile connection data.

Appscope is itself a PWA, so we don’t need to install it. Till now we find it the best-looking list of PWAs – and its list of apps is increasing day by day. can be used in both Android and iOS devices without any issue.



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