Alexa App Setup



The virtual assistant developed by Amazon is the Amazon Alexa. It was developed by Amazon lab126 and was first used by Amazon Echo dot and Amazon Echo smart speakers. There are numerous smart home appliances and gadgets which can be controlled by the Amazon Alexa like light bulbs, thermostat devices as well as switches.

The Alexa app setup can be used to pair it with the compatible and accessible gadgets such as thermostat devices, lightning bulbs and other appliances. Many skills can also be paired with the Alexa app setup by using the name of that particular skill in the command given to Alexa.

The Echo when assisted by the Alexa app setup can be used to respond to the various voice commands as well as read the newspaper and audio books, play desired music and perform numerous number of activities.

The Echo can hear the voice commands even in a noisy background with loud music playing because of the seven built-in microphones which is a unique feature.

Steps required to install the Alexa app setup

  • Firstly download the Alexa app from the app store. It can be downloaded on any tablet or smartphone with Android 5.0 or higher, iOS 9.0 or higher.
  • Now plug the power adapter included directly into the Echo and connect it with the power outlet
  • The light ring first turns blue and then orange indicating that the device has become ready for setup
  • Further connect the Echo to the Wi-Fi with the Alexa app setup.
  • Now Alexa is ready to chat and follow the commands.

This was all about the installation procedure of the Amazon Alexa, For more information visit


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