kodi alternatives

When it comes to choosing the best media player which caters your all media needs, Kodi is the best option to go with. But even this media player also suffers from several shortcomings. To rescue the trouble from such shortcomings, do you know there are several Kodi alternatives?

Let’s explore the 7 best Kodi alternatives that can provide you with the best media player experience


(platform: Linux, Windows, Mac)

Looking for something versatile and open than Kodi? Open Source Media Center (OSMC) is what you need! You may refer it a modified version of Kodi front end which is Linux distro. The difference in the interface of OSMC from Kodi is introduced by displaying the exclusive features of OSMC like TV tuner support with a radial menu home screen, all Kodi addon support, local library streaming and TV. The platforms like Apple TV and Raspberry pi could not have it default.


(platform: Android)

A dedicated Android app which allows the user to browse the media files on their home network, scrutinize the playlist and stream it to their Android device. By organizing the media which is stored on your network, it offers the decent repertoire third-party add-ons. The exquisite feature like Chromecast helps to streamline the media from the storage device to an output device including your mobile which are connected to your network. Amazing! Isn’t it?


(platforms : Android, Windows, iOS, Mac)

With a centralized solution, this amazing software is incredibly counted upon when it comes to choosing the best Kodi alternatives. It can manage your media file on the lines of the Kodi but instead of from a single appliance or computer, it runs from the server. This feature makes it viable to streamline your media from the web and other apps. Including Linux, it can run on all types of servers. FreeBSD, Linux and macOS are some of the official operating systems which are supported by the Plex exceptionally.


(platforms: Windows)

Similar to the lines of Kodi, this efficient software can easily install plugins, record live TV and tune into live TV. This software can easily handle the multiple media types like photos, media etc. and can be customized with different skins. This is a perfect media alternative for window user.


(platforms: Android, Windows, Linux, iOS, Mac)

A local media centre program which can effectively support the local media and live TV. It can broadcast media via DLNA to Apple, instant HD playback, support for add-ons and auto-detect subtitles. It is a perfect centralized media which can effectively replace Kodi with its amazing features. This software is absolutely worth to try!

Universal Media Server

(platform: Linux, Windows, Mac)

Are you a newbie to the media streaming The intuitive interface of this software allows to stream your media files between devices. It comes with a DLSA support which makes it capable of streaming the media files between the computer, console and even the smart TVs. It also offers the streaming for non-DLNA devices as well. Installation of this software is not as smooth and easy as the consolidation process of your media files using this software. It comes with a small yet solid section plugin. The tech-savvy users also use it for web streaming purposes.


(platform: Linux, Windows, Mac, ps4, Roku, Xbox One)

It is an open source alternative to plex and has official support from BSD, Mac, Linux and Microsoft server operating systems. You can access the Emby via apps or web interface depending upon the type of device you are using. However, for game consoles and mobiles, Emby apps are preferred. If plex has already been explored as a Kodi alternative, using Emby could be a great idea!


When it comes to features and looks, Kodi definitely has better alternatives ranging from Mediaportal to plex. However, before selecting a perfect one, it is important to understand its compatibility with your existing devices. These alternatives definitely provide a viable solution to the various shortcomings of Kodi.


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