1337x Proxy 2018 – 1337x Unblocked & Mirror Sites List (100% Working)


Nowadays to access torrents we need to secure our connection or can use 1337x Proxy. Government is also strict regarding it because of the torrent, piracy of content is increased that much, that we don’t need to pay one charge for content it available free on torrent sites.

1337x torrent

As well as our internet service provider (ISP) is also blocking this kind of sites. If you want to access 1337x torrent or any these type of site you need to unblock it first. Now you have a question on your mind that how to unblock it and access it? It can be done on your Computer as well as on your phone; there are many ways to do it, so let’s start.

You may be familiar with 1337x proxy servers, 1337x torrent mirrors, VPN(Virtual Private Network), etc. But you find it difficult to find these torrent link. In this post, I will give you a list of 1337x proxy as well as 1337x mirror sites which are active in 2018.

How to Check Whether Your ISP has Blocked 1337x torrent?

Just go to the site either on your computer or mobile if you get this message “The authority to access the site is blocked by your ISP or government,” it means that 1337x torrent site is blocked. If you don’t get this message or even don’t able to access site then sometimes it may be an issue in accessing the server. Don’t panic about it. Try to access from mobile also because our phone uses a distinct protocol then our PC. So by these methods, you can check 1337x is blocked for you or not.

Some Reasons for Blocking 1337x Torrent Sites

So now you think why Government or our ISP blocked the site. You may know some reasons, but you need to understand the exact point. As you know, the torrent site contains lots of files, which leads to copyright violation, pirated content, as well as violates the security of your PC too.

These are some valid reason for blocking torrent sites. If you don’t want to see this issue, then you can access 1337x torrent by VPN(Virtual Private Network) or 1337x torrent proxy/mirror sites.

About VPN

A VPN (virtual private network) could be a non-public network that extends across a public network and permits users to send and receive information as if their computing devices were directly connected to the non-public network. By connecting to 1337x employing a VPN service, your activity remains fully hidden from anyone. However, you can choose a supplier of your VPN service of choice. This doesn’t mean that you’re 100% safe and may do no matter you please with none repercussions.

There are several cases wherever the police raided the offices of a VPN service supplier and taken over servers with logs containing data regarding its users’ activity. Once selecting a VPN service, it’s always an honest plan to pay more money and go along with somebody who has a superb name. Budget VPN service suppliers need to execute somewhere, and when it’s not speeding and bandwidth allocation, it’s typically security and privacy, that is even worse.

Download 1337x Torrent Through VPN

Torrenting through VPN is a great way to ensure your privacy. Here we have found some VPNs that are easy to use.

Unblocked 1377x Proxy & Mirror Sites in 2018

If simply you want to unblock 1337x torrent site then you can use proxy or mirror sites, with these you can access without any problem, and it is fast as well as easy. The other method is using VPN(Virtual Private Network) as it hides your IP, and you can access, but it is a somewhat technical method, or you may require some software for PC and some Apps for mobile access. Here are some direct links I am giving, check whether the link is active or not for access.

Disclaimer: This information is for educational purpose only.

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Don’t Forget Your Security

If you utilize torrents of the unknown origin, unrestrained sources or those that are placed on the blacklist, you should not ignore the protection of your information and pc. To confirm a high level of protection, it’s necessary to use Antivirus software package.


At present, it is becoming difficult to access the 1337x torrent by using links. Many countries blocking these torrents and even proxy and mirror, So we need to access through VPN, 1337x mirrors or 1337x proxy sites.


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